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Every great friendship started with an encounter initiated by someone. If you are reading this, I want to be your friend but I need you to initiate the conversation. To your left is a contact form. If you fill that out, I and only I will get an email from you. No one else sees it and I will never give out your information without first asking. I look forward to connecting with you and sparking a great friendship.

P.S. If you are interested in knowing what all I am into: I play golf (or at least I like to smack a little white ball around), I hunt small and large game, I love to fish, I am into backyard cookouts and group gatherings, i like to play various card games, I am a sports fan (football, basketball, and baseball). I enjoy naps when i get them, and I am a family man who enjoys spending time with my family doing virtually anything. Also, I like to cook and to entertain guests in our home. I play guitar and sing. I am into many types of music but mostly listen to Christian rock and indie type music and country music.